Men Of Valor


It was a time of war. A time when no human king ruled Israel and only the lord god Yahweh stood as monarch of all. His divine authority was carried out by the Judges who led spirit-filled Men of Valor with justice and the sword.

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Set in 1320 B.C., An Assassin’s Tale is based on the exploits of Ehud ben-Gera (Judges 3:12-30) who infiltrated the kingdom of Jericho and led a revolt to unite the people of Israel.


Following the death of Moses, The Spy Who Slaughtered Kingdoms is based on Joshua’s siege of the Southern kingdoms to claim the territories promised to Israel. Together with the mighty Men of Valor (an elite line of soldiers from the reign of Joshua to King David), he wages war on his enemies, striking terror in the name of Yahweh.


These stories are part of a 7-character arc in the Men of Valor series featuring Joshua, Ehud, Barak, Jephthah, Gideon, Samson and Samuel.

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