Storybook Tour


Doing a tour was something I never thought of until I met the talented group called Mga Apo Ni Lola Basyang a.k.a. A Little Group of Storytellers. This turned out to be a better idea than having one big launch. Aside from more venues and more people to read to, I get to work with an amazing group of people who are true advocates of the storytelling art form and deserve a bigger share of the spotlight!

The tour shall be a three-part series so we hope to catch you in one of them! This page shall be updated as the tour progresses.

Part 1: Cravings Katipunan, Sept. 26
Part 2: Museo Pambata, Oct. 25
Part 3: Uno Morato, March 15


To kick-off the launch of The Legend of The Cram (written by yours truly and illustrated by Arade Villena, the girl on the right with red hair in the image above), Apo featured it on their monthly storytelling event at Cravings, Katipunan titled “Wunderkind. Bring out the wonder child in you!”

After several reading, impromptu, and musical performances by students from Ateneo, U.P., and Miriam College, we had the privilege of having TLOTC read by no less than thespian and professor Diane Sales with the help of her daughter Simone who was flipping the pages. Thanks, Simone! A shoutout goes to Gabe, Patricia Ramos and marketing officer Marjourie Liwag of Cravings.


This time, several children from Tondo were our guests. They enjoyed an interpretative storytelling performance by Simone and Vins, some music from Gabe (who brought the house down), and of course Ms. Dia who shared the story of Carrie Ann in TLOTC. A big thank you goes out to Charlot Cachuela of Museo Pambata.

Once upon a time...

Gabe and his "magic." Why you gotta be so rude? Don't you know I'm human too? Lalala...
Gabe and his “magic.” Why you gotta be so rude? Don’t you know I’m human too? Lalala…
Poor Carrie Ann...
Poor Carrie Ann…
What an amazing team.
What an amazing team.
Group pic
Group pic


Uno Morato

TLOTC-Uno-Morato 2

We held the third leg of the tour in a quaint bookstore called Uno Morato, owned by award-winning authors Adam David and Carljoe Javier. Our special featured indie children’s book was Snuggle Wuggle Wee, a  story about welcoming a newborn, written by Buding Aquino-Dee,  Jenny Ong and Justine Tajonera.

Apo, led by Simone Sales, Diane Sales, Patricia Ramos and Gabe Bueno, all gave fantastic performances…as usual!


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