If I had the luxury of choosing the main cast for GITARISTA, the actors below would be my roster. In fact, early on in writing the novel, these names were already in my mind—all meticulously handpicked based on their looks, age, acting ability and musical background. Clicking on the blank images will lead to the SPOILERS post.

*Image sources are credited below the post.


John Manalo as Alejandro Sebastian

I felt like a talent scout watching Youtube videos of local young celebrities. After seeing this young man act, I was convinced that he should play the lead. He plays the guitar too.

maestro rocca

Noel Trinidad as Maestro Pablo Rocca

I know Noel Trinidad as a comedian in his younger days but it’s good to see him in television drama shows as of late. With his music background, wise-man persona and comedic talent, he would be the perfect maestro.


Emmanuele Vera as Dani

I’ve been seeing her in church as a kid and was excited to see her rise as a young musician and celebrity. I don’t know if she acts, but based on her music video, she seems to be a very talented and fashionable artist.


Mariz Ricketts as Tammy Sebastian

Another gifted musician. I’ve always wondered what happened to her singing career because I was a fan of hers many many years ago. Been seeing her in telenovelas lately. She would make the perfect mother for Alejandro.

daniel_padillaDaniel Padilla as Eugene Vasquez

I have to admit I’ve never seen this boy act but I do know he’s very musically talented and quite popular among the youth. He’s also got that look perfect for the character.

the dean

Jaime Fabregas as The Dean

The dean was based on two deans from two different colleges. I didn’t really think of an actor while writing the novel but once I finished it, I remembered Jaime Fabregas and he was just perfect. It’s like the part was written for him even if I never thought of him at all.


With her beauty, poise, and dominant aura, this actress is my best bet in playing a key character in the novel. Click on the image to see who this is in the SPOILERS post.

lr_xThis actor stands out above the rest. Click on the image to see who this is in the SPOILERS post.


Only one actor comes to mind who can play this patient man. Click on the image to see who this is in the SPOILERS post.

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