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So Much More, song of Abigail

A lot of people think this is a love song. Well it is, and it isn’t.

This is the second of 3 power-pop-ballads in the roster (the other ones are “Still”, song of Rachel and “Beautiful”, song of the Daughters of Job). Meaning: it’s formulaic. I’ve always touted this one as the American Idol song because it’s meant to be sung in a “take the stage” way or at least something that would sound good in karaoke. Haha. Continue reading So Much More, song of Abigail

The Testimonies

The Testimonies (Beauty and The Bible) featuring Sarah, Rebekah, Rachel, Esther, Abigail, Tamar and the Daughters of Job. Childless, manipulative, jealous, faithful, submissive, abused and blessed–these are the stores of the most beautiful women that ever lived. Continue reading The Testimonies

Shepherd King, The Story of David

Shepherd. Warrior. Psalmist. Father. King.

Heralded as Israel’s greatest ruler, no other character has been mentioned in the Bible as much as the son of Jesse. “Shepherd King, The Story of David” is a musical stageplay highlighting significant events in his rich and colorful life.

The musicale features original music written and directed by Reev Robledo. Production team includes prod manager Teri Tolosa and assistant director Mark Limchoa. The preview was staged at the St. Francis Square Auditorium, 5th flr. on December 22 Friday, 2006 at 8pm.

Mourning After

mourning_after_tnArtwork by Andrew Aleta

After 20 years of a mighty rule, King David falls into the trap of lust and taints his kingdom with blood. Bathsheba, his beautiful mistress, mourns her husband’s death while pregnant with a child destined to die. Disobedience, adultery, deception and ultimately murder. The second half of David’s monarchy is a life of strife and bloodshed.

We were privileged to have discovered a very talented stage actress (singer, model and dancer too!) in the form of Claude Villacorta who portrayed Bathsheba to perfection. Here she performs “Mourning After”, a sorrowful lament moments after her husband had been killed through an illicit affair with King David.

Claude-1From the Shepherd King preview

Mourning After
Written and orchestrated by Reev Robledo
Lightswitch Publishing ©2005

O why, my king
Why did thee allow
Please help me see
Past through it somehow
Why the man I held
Every morning in bed
Is now a breath away
Only mem’ries remain
I am broken

O why, my lord
Why must you take away
The man I swore
To cherish night and day
Was I powerless
In my heart lies unrest
Blame my foolish ways
For having put me to shame
Please forgive me

I find comfort in the arms of my king
Now that my mourning is over
I pray this union is a blessing that brings
Peace to our home, a decent shelter
Please help me understand
The wisdom of your plan

Because my king
You are the chosen one
I won’t question why
My fate is in your hands
My king